System overview

The following diagram gives a high-level overview of the components that make up the system, and provides a synopsis of how the system works.

Steps to add new tasks
  1. Navigate to http://www.taskasap.com/
  2. Log in. Use your email address as the login name. If you're a manager, contact us at I/O Technologies (800-993-9028) to get your password. If your manager set up your account, s/he will tell you what login and password to use.
  3. Once you're logged in, you can add a new task by clicking Task Info ... New Task
  4. The top half of the form that appears will normally be used by requestors (i.e., the team players) to add new tasks. The client manager/team captain (i.e., you) will complete the bottom half of the form.
For evaluation purposes, there are four different logins and passwords:
LoginPasswordDescriptionVolleyball Analogy
reqreqRequestor on client sidePlayer on Team A
mgrmgrManager on client sideTeam captain on Team A
spmspmService provider managerTeam captain on team B
asnasnTask assigneePlayer on team B
Steps to add additional users

Unlike volleyball, managers can add as many members to their team as they want. That is, they can set up dozens of requestor user records if they wish. However, we would not recommend flagging more than one user as a manager, unless you want to grant authority to approve tasks to multiple persons at your company without your knowledge. Just as it would be confusing in our volleyball analogy to have more than one team captain per team, it could get confusing from a task management perspective to have more than one manager per client on the web site.

  1. Navigate to the site and log in as described above.
  2. Add a new task by clicking User Info ... Add New User
  3. Complete the form that appears as directed. Press the 'Save User Information' button to save the new requestor record.