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Task Management , simplified

TaskASAP is a web-based task management tool developed by I/O Technologies for managing tasks. We're confident that this tool will help you organize your workload and task assignments so that your company can manage projects more effectively.

How does it work?
Volleyball Player An analogy from sports

In a friendly, just-for-fun volleyball game, there are two teams--one on either side of the net. TaskASAP adds one simple rule: only team captains can hit the ball over the net. All team members must set the ball up for their respective team captain so that s/he can spike the ball over the net.

How is this picture similar to TaskASAP?

Volleyball net The internet. Team players on one side can see the ball (i.e., their task) on the other side of the net, and vice versa.
Players on 
team A
People on the client side who request new tasks (i.e., they set the ball up for their team captain)
Team Captain 
on team A
The manager on the client side who approves, rejects or deletes tasks coming from the rest of the players on his/her team
Team Captain 
on team B
The manager on the service provider side who assigns new tasks to people at the service provider company
Players on 
team B
People who work on tasks on the service provider side

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